Who Am I After?

Who is it that I’m chasing? Who is it that I’m ambling after? There are writers and there are travellers. There are the posers in between. But I’m after none of them. I’m after an essence. I’m after people who share my lust for life; people who share my passion for all things new, all the experiences that life has to offer. I’m after the people that understand that passion is a raw human emotion and that its expression comes in many forms.

There are the pictures that capture the beauty of nature, then there are the stories that illustrate the delicate intricacies of the human heart. I don’t want people who just write. Nor do I want people who just travel. I want people who live; who have passion for life; who share that passion with the world. That’s the crowd that I’m after; that’s the crowd that I want to be a part of.

To dream with our hands, and live with our hearts — that’s the ambition. We often think of dreaming as a passive thing, but where do dreams actually come from? Dreaming is as active a thing as anything else we do, even if the active part is deep within our unconscious. But would I be remiss to think that perhaps the unconscious can be more sincerely us, than we often are in our day to day lives? But to actively dream and to make my dreams a reality. To combine the power of my waking life with the infinite possibilities of dreams; the playground of the unconscious mind. I think that’s the road that I want to be on, and the crowd that I want to share the journey with are the people that want that also.


Originally published at lifeofnosocks.com on February 17, 2016.

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