How To Quit Your Multitasking Addiction
Darius Foroux

Great thoughts. I found myself guilty of cooking a breakfast biscuit when I stumbled upon this. You’re right; the multi-tasking needs to stop! I’ve always been a strong critic of the dwindling attention spans that have accompanied the Internet revolution, but as I get older I’m seeing myself and others slowly give in to it, like this is just the way things are now.

The optimist in me likes to think that humans are self-correcting creatures in the long-run, and we’ll eventually acknowledge that we all got a little carried away with this Internet revolution thing, the constant notifications, endless scrolls, and hyper-connectedness to everyone we barely care about. I’m not sure what the solution will be, but I think we’ll find it. After all, we’re just the first of (potentially) thousands of generations to have this ability to produce and consume so much information with such immediacy. I hope future humans will look back and laugh at us.

The pessimist in me see something more resembling Idiocracy, with toilet-seats installed into La-Z-Boys so we can catch every minute of the latest episode of “BALLS!” (hell, it already seems rare for most of us to sit on the can without checking something on the phone).

Meanwhile, my inner pragmatist is going to keep learning and sharing articles like this to help myself and others cultivate self-awareness along the way. It’s a start, right?