Cereal Cafe

“Hipsters are ruining East London

Tbh, of all the “hipster cafes”, the cereal cafe is the one I object to the least.

It’s just a shit idea for a cafe, run by a pair of guys who know nobody ever went broke underestimating public taste. Could be anywhere.

Also Lucky Charms are expensive everywhere. A box in Tesco is like six quid, they’re imported.

Of all the things that have happened to London in recent years, its a cafe that sells cereal that’s broken the camel’s back. Incredible.

And hey, what’s worse? A cafe that sells imported cereal for £3.50, or a pub that sells beer brewed in Britain for a fiver?

There’s a narrative here, and a cafe that sells cereal has very little to do with it.

A bowl of porridge in Pret is like 2.99? Don’t see Channel 4 sending any reporters over to accuse them of pricing out the poor.

I have no idea why i’m defending the fucking cereal cafe, but something about this subjective version of London’s problems really gets to me

Weird that people hate the Cereal Cafe more than Shoreditch House.

I mean, Shoreditch House is the hive-nest of all of it. If ever London had a Bastille to be stormed, it’s probably there.

I’d hazard a guess that many of the people raging about the Cereal Cafe have Shoreditch House memberships…

I mean, i’ll get sued through the teeth for saying anything but i’ve heard a few rumours about the real purpose of the “…House” group.”

Clive Martin — @thugclive

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