Sad Zoella

“i’ve been thinking about writing this comment for a while now as i really don’t comment on your videos which is odd. i subscribed to your channel when you were around 100k and i literally watched every video you did at least three times, sometimes as background noise because theres just something special about you which i guess is why your channel exploded at some point. so well deserved and i would never contemplate even thinking about anything else than you deserving everything of that. saying this, i’m 20 years old and i don’t fangirl over anybody. i simply enjoy what you do and i’ve been enjoying it for years. but lately i feel like something is upsets you and it makes me sad. theres just that simple spark missing that made your videos so special and i’m not being rude or mean, i’m just worried and i want to let you know even though you probably won’t read this. 2014 has been such a busy year for you and you had to deal with a lot of crap which was also coming from your viewers and for me thats a sad thing. i just wish you could open up to us and tell us whats up and what seems to upset you without getting crap about almost every step you do. maybe i’m wrong but i felt like finally writing a comment on your channel and it turned out to be a massive one. you have been and you are a real inspiration to me and i wish you all the best from all my heart. ❤”