The Internet is such an ugly place

“Listening to Rachmanioff in the bath. Had a revelation of sorts. Things have to change. I used to like things. 2015's going to be spiritual.

Taking the piss out of Buzzfeed staff isn’t going to make me any happier. I can’t deal in only the gutter of the internet anymore.

I need to strive to do something really great, to really make something rather than just complain about it. I want to write The Soprano’s.

This Twitter might have to go, i’m not sure yet. Whatever it is, somebody has to capture this world we live in on some kind of greater form.

The internet is such an ugly place. Look at it constantly and you’re going to feel ugly inside. It’s time to live in the world again.

The dilemma is that I don’t want to be a luddite or a denier, I believe in the future, in advancement. But the internet is so ugly.

Social media cements the idea that anyone who can tell a joke or have an idea, or a view is only good for content and banter.

Maybe a Newsnight appearance, or a prestigious column, or a book of your tweets isn’t the apex of what we can achieve.

For all the technology that’s at our fingertips, we’re using it very poorly.

Jean Luc Godard wasn’t much older than us when he made ‘Breathless’. He did it through new advances in technology.

Yet most of us still seem to believe that we have to intern at the BBC if we want to make a film, say. You don’t. The world has changed.

I’m trying to think it over, but I worry i’ve become part of a journalistic culture that suppresses creativity rather than helps it.

And maybe, rather than slagging off Buzzfeed writers who are always going to be shitheads, the thing to do is to move on.

Try to lead by example and make them see the ills of what they’re creating by making stuff which is on a different plain.

Anyway, i’m out. We had some good banter. That’s it now. Back to the Darts.”

Clive Martin @thugclive

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