Why give up the party?

In spite of a lot of things, all I really wanna do is go to a terrible fucking club and get fucking pissed. It’s all I ever wanna do. Why?

Like, i’m not really ever happy doing anything else. Find it very worrying, might never, ever be able to give it up.

But seriously, why? A lot of people seem to feel similar. Is it symptomatic of the time we live in or is it psychological?

One thing I do know is that people who are really into their careers freak me out.

I think one of late capitalism’s greatest strengths is making you feel like an weirdo if you don’t understand the mindset.

That sense of being freaked out by careerism amplifies 100 times when it’s with people who work in industries with little financial gain.

Surely even the biggest libertarians must be able to look at our generation and realise something has gone massively wrong here.

This is a generation that can’t buy a house, can’t even viably reproduce. What’s the point giving up the party?

Clive Martin — @thugclive

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