Sapa, Vietnam: Part II

On our second day, we jumped back into the rusty orange pickup truck and headed North for what turned out to be an eight hour cultural adventure! The landscape brought me back to all of the surreal times when I have felt so small and overwhelmed by such grand scenery in places like NZ and the Swiss alps. I stared in awe at the beautiful green hills covered in rice fields and the expansive mountains towering so tall they broke through the clouds.

Along the drive to the border we passed through many remote villages. Typically they would consist of an assortment of small stores, workshops, restaurants, and a few markets. We often stopped near the villages in order for Rose’s Mother to gather fresh fruit. Whether it was from a fruit tree she spotted in someone’s front yard or from a market, we literally indulged ourselves by eating local fruit the ENTIRE day!

The village where we stopped for lunch (Left: fried fish, eyes still intact, and amazing beef salad. Middle: a couple virtually making popcorn strings/noodles & chopping it up in order to to use it as pig food.)

We also encountered a few road blocks along the way. One being a river that had overflowed a bridge due to heavy rain. The locals took advantage of this by driving their motorbikes into the overflow in order to to wash them. We eventually found an alternate route, however we all had to get out of the truck and walk over the bridge, unsure of how much weight it could carry.

Almost to our final destination, at the very tip-top of a mountain bordering China (in the middle of no where), we were deterred once again due to flooding. As we attempted to turn the truck around in the dense fog one of the wheels fell off of the edge. As we were figuring out a solution I could hear children giggling. As I glanced over amidst the fog I noticed an extremely small school nearby where the kids were watching us. Using stones we were eventually able to build a ramp and escape!

More to come!