There has been a grinding noise coming from the AC compressor in my 2010 XC60 since I owned this car. When the AC is turned on, the grinding noise will come from the front end under the hood. This is especially noticeable when the engine RPM is low, at around 1000. As the engine revs up, the noise becomes quieter but still audible.

I’ve left it there for a few summers until this one, the AC is no longer blowing ice cold air, the noise becoming louder, and a “liquid dripping” sound forming when the AC is initially turned on…

One day I parked my car in front of a CVS and was about to step into the store, but I heard my cooling fan blasting even though the engine was already stopped. Living in a hot city I thought it must have been the car dissipating excessive heat but the fan kept running and running. I restarted the engine and switched it off. The fan kept running. Many minutes later, it kept running.

“Time for a cooling fan relay replacement,” I thought to myself.

What is a cooling fan relay?

A relay is nothing but a switch. It practically is the same as the light…

- I don’t know how.

- Clickbait?

- No.

After college I joined a technology startup in Boston and although I did not work 15 hours a day, I was still overwhelmed by how much I wanted to accomplish a day and what a lack of time there was.

A bit stressed out while not losing a sense of humor, my co-worker shared this with me on Slack, after a gloomy deadline discussion meeting:

While I still haven’t figured out an answer to this billion-dollar question, I did discover an arrangement that made one day of mine feel like two…

52 F. Rainy. Downtown Seattle.

I was here for the Seattle Interactive Conference 2019 on Oct 17+18 of 2019. Over those two days there were 145 sessions of talks, presentations, meetups, and activities about design, UX/UI and technology. My takeaways (this series) from the conference are not intended to be a precise recap of the talks in its entirety but a personal interpretation and reflection of the talks that I attended. This series will come in three parts (II & III are coming soon):

  • Part I: Talks attended and personal notes.
  • Part II: Recommendations and tips for future SIC attendees.


Life is a beautiful detour.

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