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As men and women age there is decrease in sexual desire. There is no definite way to know this as it differs from person to person. The person concerned can only tell what his or her sexual desire should be and whether the urge for sexual desire has decreased and he should consult a professional.

There are number of reasons for decrease in libido. Sometimes the problems could be very simple like the side-effect of medication that was prescribed, hormonal problem or mental and physical anguish due to chronic pain.

How Low Libido Effects Women?

Sexual desire is a fluctuating process all through but when a woman notices that her desire for sex is diminishing and it goes on for a long time then it is time to contact a professional to know the reason. Loss of libido can devastate a person’s life and relationship. There are many factors which are a cause of this problem. In middle age the common problem for low libido is hormonal imbalance.

Proper balance of estrogen and testosterone in women as well as men can restore their libidos and give rise to well-being and intimacy. It will also help men and women to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Hormone imbalance can be treated by hormone pellet therapy which brings back the testosterone and estrogen level to normal which helps them to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Treatments for Low Libido in Men

Low libido in men is brought about by a number of factors such as low level of testosterone besides other problems like performance fright, stress, anxiety and depression. People suffering from this should know that there is treatment to get them cured. Performance fear occurs when the man cannot hold his erection long enough to reach a sexual climax.

The recurrence of not being able to reach a sexual climax brings about embarrassment and fear in the male. To rectify this problem he should contact a doctor and get treated to bring his testosterone level back to normal.

How Herbal Treatments can Improve Libido in Men?

There are a lot of herbal and nutritional treatments that work to improve the testosterone in man and bring about a sexual desire for a healthy life. The most common medicines that are used to improve low libido is phosphodiesterase with type 5 inhibitors. The medications also help men to improve the blood supply and maintain erection for a longer time. Some examples of the medication are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

When sex hormones are low in man and woman sex drive suffers and the intimacy in the relationship is estranged. This requires treatment to get back the level of testosterone to the normal level. When you contact a qualified professional he will be able to guide you in the matter. Regular exercise can be very helpful. The men and women can also change their life style by reducing their smoking and their alcohol intake. Once you have checked the testosterone with a blood test you can contact a doctor who can guide you with medication.

If you find that you have lost your sexual desire then check your testosterone levels and get treatment from a qualified professional.

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