Lipolaser Buyers: 3 Critical Factors You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Of late, many clinics and centers are opening up for non-surgical liposuction using lipolasers. The demand for such treatment is high among consumers, and hence the prospects of running a lipolaser center are significant.

In my experience (along with my partner) of running the lipolaser sales center at KnockYourHealth, I have realized that almost all the first-time buyers of these machines tend to get confused (and go wrong) with three critical factors. And yet, the unit they buy would often be less useful (and mostly, different from what they wanted it to be) if they go wrong on any one of these. This would come back to hurt their objectives, and also reputation if they are running a health clinic or salon.

This makes me believe, now is a great time to spread awareness, and more so given the mindshare these devices are gaining and effectiveness these are demonstrating. Hence this article. If you are a first-time potential buyer and planning to use your unit in your non-surgical liposuction center/clinic/salon, it is really important that you clearly understand these three factors.

  1. Wavelength is the opposite of power: A number of folks tend to assume that a higher wavelength machine will be more powerful. This is exactly the opposite of the reality. In reality, the most powerful machine is the one with the smallest wavelength. The smaller is the wavelength, the higher is the frequency (the product of multiplying frequency and wavelength being a constant). So, the power content of the lipolasers will inversely vary with the wavelength of the machine. This is why, the more powerful third generation models give a shorter wavelength compared to a less powerful first-generation one.
  2. Fluence is not the same as power: Many first-time users get thoroughly confused between the power and fluence of the laser / LED emitting diodes. The power of the diodes depend upon the wavelength of each diode — the smaller is the wavelength, the higher is the power of a given diode, as I have explained above. On the other hand, high fluence of an emission paddle is caused by a large number of diodes. Lipolasers with high fluence cover more surface area of the human body at a given time, as the higher fluence is obtained by placing more diodes next to each other (giving it a larger coverage area). However, the power that is applied on the human body per unit area has absolutely nothing to do with the fluence — it is correlated only and exactly with the wavelength (higher wavelength is lower power). That’s it, no ifs or buts.
  3. The importance of the cooling system practically cannot be stressed enough: For upcoming clinic owners, if you want to serve a higher number of patients per day, you need to focus your thoughts on how good the cooling system of your oh-so-powerful lipolaser unit is. If a machine becomes overheated then it will simply stop working until it cools down sufficiently, even if it is in the middle of a fat burning session. Imagine how embarrassing and unpleasant it will be, if your machine stops working for some time in the middle of a session! It is a perfect recipe for disaster of your clinic’s reputation. Many third generation machines have excellent internal cooling (which is the best for prevention of the machine temporarily stopping due to overheating). And that does not come at any additional cost, there are enough machines that are priced as much as others but have much improved cooling system protecting it (much better than their equally-priced peer machines).

While I have had many people running into many confusions before buying a lipo unit, but these have always remained among the top of the list. I have been helping buyers of lipolasers in clearing confusions and by answering other questions that help them understand the machines much better, over quite some time now.

If you are in any sort of confusion or have any question, just reach out to me on phone or email (here are my contact details). It will be great if you take an assessment quiz here, as it will help better understand the precise needs you have.

I hope you learned from reading my article. Feel welcome to share this with your friends, so that they also know.