Get the Best Skin Tightening Treatment in Culpeper

Collagen and elastin-two proteins that keep your skin smooth, tight, and wrinkle-free-are requisite for healthy, youthful-looking skin. But signs like aging, sun damage, and exposure to airborne toxins can cause collagen and elastin to break down over time. When that happens, the skin around your neck, face and chest may become wrinkled, saggy, and loose. Drooping skin can be tough to handle, wherever you observe it over the cheekbones, along with your waistline or under your arms- loose skin is a scramble.

Luckily, there is a flock of topical products that assure to firm and tighten the appearance of skin & prevent sagging. But when you expecting tangible & genuine changes in front of the mirror, most proficients concur that radio frequency (RF) energy is the best way to go. But before we get to those, let’s tattle about what causes your skin to droop in the first place.


Loose & drooping can be a result of post-pregnancy, sudden weight loss & also a wallop of the normal aging process. Also, Unhealthy diet, smoking, and ingeminate UV exposure will step-up the rate at which skin will lose its elasticity. Then your skin commences drooping from your cheeks, neck, chin, nose, arms & other parts of your body.


There is the presence of connective tissue which supports your cartilage & bones, but tissues getting weakens as you age. Unfortunately, what happens next, the skin encompassing that tissue weakens too, causing it to droop.


Speedy weight loss & pregnancy can both cause drooping, even they are polar opposites. Loose skin set out to form when you put on a prominent amount of weight (like during pregnancy). And then after birth or dieting that leftover skin tends to hang around even after the weight is gone.


There is the availability of best skin tightening treatment & technology to treat loose & sagging. Radio frequency & Infrared work in various ways to lift & tighten skin. It penetrates very deeply into without affecting the outer layer. RF energy heats the collagen beneath the skin, causing it to contract & it stimulates the production of new collagen naturally. BTL Exilis Ultra, it’s an effectual non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment. BTL Exilis is one of the best skin tightening treatment that combines the power of Radio frequency and Ultrasound technology to lift up dropping skin. The Exilis Ultra is an innovational face and body sculpting device with unparalleled versatility, safety, and efficacy.


 BTL Exilis Ultra is a monopolar radio frequency device. It produces radio waves that oscillate at 2 million times per second. The waves travel from the wand to the electrode patch on your skin to target specific body parts, while controlling the amount of energy focused on a single area. The Exilis device is incessantly monitoring and cooling to preclude overheating. While the Exillis ultra is heating the dermis, you will remain relaxed and comfortable as the systems digital thermometer provides real-time monitoring and constant feedback as to the skin’s temperature, thus ensuring a comfortable and safe treatment.


The Exilis treatment is safe for patients of all ages, BMI and skin tone who are showing signs of aging or want to improve those problem areas where exercise and diet have failed. This is a best tightening option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. It’s important to note that BTL Exilis ultra is not plastic surgery. Some pointed treatment areas are:

● Cheeks

● Neck

● Around the eyes

● Beneath chin

● Chest

● Hands

● Jowls


The number of treatment depends upon treating the area, condition of the skin, age & desired results. Approx. patient requires 2–4 Exilis treatment spaced 2–3 weeks apart.