Changing Lifestyle Habits for Better Health

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, most people spend spare time in front of the television or a video game, and high levels of stress interfere with proper sleep. More people are taking antidepressants than ever before, and supplements are used as a source of vitamins and minerals. The time and money being spent on an unhealthy lifestyle and the related issues is staggering.

How to Improve

Improvements do not have to be quick and extreme to be effective. They only have to be consistent. Exercise can begin with a short walk around the block, one class at the community recreational center, or a swim at the university pool. Increasing the distance or the speed slowly will build on successes and keep the body active.

Eating habits may be more difficult to change. Hectic schedules, a fast trip through the drive-thru, and kids who are picky eaters tend to result in processed food that can be placed into a microwave. Tossing a frozen pizza in the oven is easier than cooking chicken, rice, and broccoli. Clean up is faster as well. The very thought of giving up ice cream, chocolate, and doughnuts is terrible for most people. So do not give them up, just eat them in moderation.

Purchase a large crock-pot in which to make dinner. Load all the ingredients into it in the morning and go home to a healthy meal. Recipes, nutrition guidelines, and suggestions for healthy alternatives to favorite snack foods can be found in a number of healthy lifestyle publications. There are companies, such as Velex Solutions, that specialize in publications that are specific, easy to understand, and cost-effective.

Types of Publications on Health

Books on exercise or nutrition can be too much information to absorb all at once. Getting overwhelmed by the second chapter is not exactly a motivating experience. Decide on a few short-term goals and find short velex solutions publications that are geared toward those initial objectives. Those interested in increasing memory and concentration can start with the “SMART Neuro” publication. How to improve brain power with specific nutrients is the focus of this one of five options in the “SMART” series.

Publications from private publishers will delve into the subject matter and help readers make the connection between diet and exercise and how their body feels. Understanding how components work together may make a difference in the success rate of the lifestyle changes. Companies offer information in a variety of options. The velex solutions publications can be ordered individually, or in packs of ten for medical centers and offices, physical and occupational therapy facilities, and community or senior centers.