What is a Success Ritual?

Every successful person has their own rituals. Ritual: (a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone). A lot are common but above the commonality a person usually adds their own creativity to make that ritual uniquely theirs. Whether it’s how you start your day , complete tasks, or habits you have throughout the day, these rituals should and usually only lean towards self development. It might be how you read, how much you read daily, or what time you read. One thing for sure we know that all high achievers are readers. The first place to start I would say is to study successful people and their daily routines and in their you’ll find their rituals.

From that study you will get a good idea of what type of rituals are needed. For example one of my own rituals is to listen to positive audio and read similar self development books to start my day. Next comes the application and experimental process of trying those rituals yourself. During the process you will prefer some over others and the ones you feel better about or get the most results from, should be the ones you adopt into your life. Now the good thing about experimenting with other proven rituals is that you will usually automatically create a mix or unique way of doing them that represents you more. The end result, now you have your own unique success rituals! Simply be consistent and persistent and success is inevitable.