Life of a Toddler is not easy, you see: Rants of a Toddler

Mommy drops me in the Day care while she is away in Office. I do not like this, I feel sad when she waves me saying “Bye! Good day”. Its not that I do not like my Day care Aunt but still. Ahhh! here I am again. Punched one of my friends in the day care, Aunty asked “Why did you do this?” I said with a smile “Mommy says-Love your friends but this is the way I show my love”

Whenever Mommy clicks me and says “Smile”. She quickly exclaims “No, not like this”. See, they have a problem with my smile too.

I went running to Mommy while she was in the Kitchen yelling “Baba aya, Baba aya” She calmly replied there is no Baba. Mommy please do not confuse me. Chachu says “Baba will come if I act naughty” and you says “There is no such thing”. Whom do should I believe?

Mommy take me downstairs every evening to play with my friends and always ask me to love and give hugs to friends. Yesterday, I hugged and kissed my little friend(who is a girl) and I noticed others nearby raising eyebrows. I wonder “Hey! Mommy told me to love my friends. Did I do something wrong?

Whenever I get any one of the phone among 6 in the house, Mommy catches hold of me. I am not getting it- She is busy, Papa is busy. What should I do, where should I go. Neither she allows me to go downstairs nor let me have fun watching You Tube. I am getting mad.

I am not sure If I am a good Kid or a bad one. One moment I hear “Good Kiddo” and the other moment “You are a naughty Kid“. These adults are so confusing.

There are so many instructions I need to deal with. Do not go there, Do not touch it, Do not eat this. DO NOT is a word that dominates my Life.

Life for a Toddler is not easy, you see.

I don’t get it why Mommy kisses me so much when I don’t like my smothered face. Ya, I know she loves me but she need not prove it to me.

She asks me to eat by myself. Mommy, give me Maggi or pasta and see the magic happen.

When I plead them for something, they deny me saying its not required or suitable. This is when I try giving them signals. I don’t understand why others do not decode my signals and call it Tantrums.

If I say “I want Ice-cream in dinner”, she says no. Don’t they know its only frozen milk with some chocolate and icing.

There’s even a restriction on the number of candies I can have in a day. Can you believe that? And then, she made me brush my teeth saying Monster will come. I don’t get it. Doesn’t Monster have another job to do than to keep a check on me?

Every time I end up playing with my toys, they ask me to put them back in the place. Don’t they know I will again spill them out in next few minutes.

They praise me saying “brave boy” but when I get adventurous, they stop me. Whats the use to be brave then?

The other day, I was discussing this issue with one of my Day care mate, he too agreed and we decided something needs to be done to stop this irrational behavior towards us.

I can go on and on with my rants but I need to go now. Its time for School. Mommy promised me to get my own Car but I know its just her another trick to get the work done.

This is what Life through the eyes of Toddler looks like. Gotta go. Poor me!

Originally published at on July 14, 2017.

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