5 Hidden Benefits of Hot Yoga

Even if you are not the spandex-wearing, yoga mat-carrying type, there are many perks to adding hot yoga to your routine. Don’t let the mob of sweat ridden participants that walk out of the yoga studio scare you from allowing your body to experience all the benefits. A little namaste and a sweaty brow does the body good — here is why.

Sweating Detoxifies Your Body

If you have ever taken a hot yoga class you’ve experienced your max sweating capacity. Especially if you accidentally chose the spot right under the heating vent. That was the first and the last time…am I right? And how good does it feel after class to shower away all those toxins?! It doesn’t just feel good, heat therapy has serious body benefits.

Deep Breathing Decreases Stress

We live in a crazy world full of stressors and we can’t do much to eliminate many of them, but we can change how we deal with those stressors. Yoga is a great way to begin building your experience with deep breathing as well as connecting your breath to movement. Take your deep breathing practice from yoga to your desk at work, or your hectic family life, and hit the pause button when life gets overwhelming.

You’ll Walk Out of Class Happier

Post-exercise endorphins are really a thing. What are endorphins you ask? They diminish pain and trigger happy feelings — aka everything you want in life. They are released after periods of exercise, such as when people experience a “runner’s high,” so let’s make a “yogi’s high” a new thing ;)

Being More Flexible Will Decrease Your Risk of Injury

Last time I checked none of us are on a mission to get injured in life. In fact, it creates a serious hindrance to pursuing your passions. Familiarize your body with deep stretching and ranges of motion that your joints may not be used to, so that the next time you clean out your basement, lift your quickly-growing nephew, or trip on a crack on the sidewalk (this happened to you last week, didn’t it :P ) you won’t be as likely to hurt yourself.

Yoga Will Benefit Your Other Workouts

Whether you live to run outside, dream of jamming out in Zumba, or the barbell is your bae, adding yoga to your routine will benefit your other favorite forms of exercise as well! Synching your breath/body awareness does wonders for running as well as weight lifting. Beyond your breath, improved mobility will amp up your sprints and squats.

LifePower Yoga could be the missing piece to your health puzzle :)

Reed Mosimann

Fitness Professional for Life Time (NASM, ACE)