5 Things to Bring to Group Fitness Class

Never taken a group fitness class? Nervous to step foot into uncharted territory? Don’t be, because we’ve got you covered :) We’ll tell you here what you’ll need to master that workout and our instructors are always happy to answer questions! Feel free to approach the instructor at the beginning of class and let them know you are a newcomer. They will surely welcome you to the class and let you know what equipment you’ll be using during your workout.

Before you even step into the group fitness studio here are 5 items to bring with you to class.

1. A water bottle: Anyone who has ever forgotten their water bottle when heading to group fitness will tell you it was their first and last time doing so. Your body needs extra hydration when you’re sweating and you’ll be happy to have a cooling bottle of water during class.

2. A towel: No one likes slipping on their sweat, nor getting a salty sweat droplet in their eyeball. Avoid these dilemmas by coming fully equipped with a towel.

3. Exercise clothes: Wear clothes that you can easily move and stay cool in. Focus on functionality over fancy frills for your activewear.

4. A friend: Imagine how much more fun class would be with a friend. Smiling through the sweat and sharing high fives makes everything better!

5. Energy: Some may describe a group fitness class as a big ball of energy, sweat, and fun :) Add to the fun by bringing your excitement and willingness to step out of your comfort zone to challenge your body.

With these tools you will quickly become a group fitness pro!

Reed Mosimann

Fitness Professional for Life Time (NASM, ACE)