Tell us about your life under dictatorship in Thailand

Thailand is one of the few countries in the world today ruled by a military junta. It is a dictatorship, certainly, but this particular one differs from past dictatorships of Thailand or elsewhere.

Dictatorship in Thailand has many hallmarks of “normal” dictatorship: intimidation, disruption of the rule of law, self-granted amnesties, “legalization” of dictatorship through coup decrees and appointed “legislative” bodies, scapegoating of politicians, a complete lack of irony, severe restrictions on freedom of expression and association, and strategies designed to weaken and subordinate civil society.

But this one has some differences: obsessive attention to a “roadmap” back to “democracy,” absurdly skewed “public” opinion polls, a certain level of transparency, fewer incidents of state violence, “attitude adjustment” and “reconciliation” sessions, a cheerfully submissive media, and so on.

We believe that chronicling how dictatorship is lived is a worthy effort, if only to lend some sense of companionship in these lonely times, and might give us all a better understanding what we are facing individually so that we can find a solution collectively.

What we’re looking for:

  • Contributions from the Northeast/Northeasterners, but as living under military administration is a nationwide phenomena, we welcome contributions from other locations, or even from abroad
  • Observations, large and small, about how dictatorship affects your life, or those whom you know
  • Personal accounts of encounters with the military/authorities
  • Reflections on the nature of living under a military dictatorship
  • Contrary views of those who want to argue that Thailand’s not under dictatorship or provide reasons why dictatorship is necessary, etc.

Options for sharing:

  • You can submit contributions directly vis this google survey, or send us an email
  • You have the option of contributing absolutely anonymously and provide no personal information whatsoever except for “location” and whether you are Thai or non-Thai (or, indeed, some combination thereof).
  • You will be able to contribute with an alias that you choose
  • If you’d like to identify yourself, you may provide your name and email.
  • You may fill in a series of questions about your nationality, age, time frame of your encounter (if applicable), etc. They will all be optional.

With any contribution, it is best if you can identify:

  • Time frame of when it happened, if an event or moment
  • Approximately where it happened


  • This is intended to be an anonymous page. You do not need to log in. If you want to use your name, you can put it in the end.
  • All contributions will be sent to an editor before being posted. Such editor reserves the right to edit any content that may be deemed as contrary to the law
  • Make sure you write or edit your piece so you don’t get yourself into trouble; we will edit so we don’t get in trouble.