Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid
Emma Lindsay

I love what you said about interests and how those who vote Republican or Trump are still following their interest(s), it’s just one or more that the liberal critique isn’t identifying or willing to accept that the other has. This whole “not following their interests” ridiculousness is almost always better put as “you’re not following the interest I’ve selected for you in the way that I think is best.”

Trump supporters may be uninformed and/or misinformed, but they are not stupid. They’re attempting to fulfill particular interests in the way they see as being beneficial. This isn’t stupid, it’s human.

I wrote before that: “Consider for a moment that while as human beings we all share a common set of interests, e.g. living a life of personal expression, a desire for personal achievement, care for one’s family and loved ones, etc., these are like values in the sense of being able to instantiate a wide range of behavior in how they are carried out.”

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