How to Get an Awesome Logo for Your Website

Branding your business is extremely important. We have all heard the expression, “Make a good first Impression.” A business makes a first impression through its branding, and the most important part of any branding is the logo. Now the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of logo creation is MONEY. Having a logo designed is going to cost a fortune. Actually, it can cost as little as $5!

Where to Buy My Logo

How can I have a logo designed for as little as $5? The answer is simple. Use a website called is a website where free lancers can offer their services for, you guessed it, $5. This website is becoming more and popular because of its competitive pricing. How can you beat $5? Now the truth is a logo will actually come out to $6 since fiverr charges a $1 service fee. But it is still incredible to think that you can have a logo designed for such a small amount. Now we do need to cover some important warnings.

Not All Work is Equal

Fiverr does a great job at ratings. Before you purchase any gig, make sure that they have decent ratings. Don’t be fooled by the titles. Yes, it is awesome to receive 5 logos for $5, but who really needs 5 logos? What I mean by this is new sellers will try to persuade you to purchase their gigs by offering 5 examples for the price of one. This is not necessary. Spend the money to have one great logo designed for you. Since the sellers heavily rely on great ratings they will most often continue to make revisions for you until the work is perfect. Make sure you take the time and find a highly-rated seller that has great sample work.

Be Detailed With Instructions

These people are not miracle workers. You cannot tell them you want a great logo and they will magically create a million-dollar logo. You have to be specific. Give them your website or business name. Tell them the colors you want in the logo and how many different colors you want. Take the time to find other logo examples that you like and ask them to model your logo after the examples. If you want them to design a great logo for you then give them as much detail and input as possible. Trust me, they will like this. It makes their job a lot easier, and they will be able to create a logo you want a lot quicker.

There are other ways of having a logo created, but not for this price point. Remember to take the time looking around on fiverr for the best seller. Check out their examples, read their reviews, and make an informative decision.

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