An interview with Keller Easterling, architect, designer, and author of ‘Medium Design’

Keller Easterling is an architect, designer, and author whose works traverse a wide range of spaces. I came to her work as someone interested in complex systems — a topic that Easterling, a professor of architecture at Yale, has been writing about for decades. …

How the change will affect Amazon sellers and customers

On March 17, Amazon announced that the company would temporarily disable shipments of certain “nonessential” products to its U.S. and European Union warehouses for third-party sellers who participate in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Amazon says it took the step due to shoppers stocking up in response to Covid-19

What kind of materials, minerals, and supply chain would we need to create ‘Westworld’-style hosts or ‘Blade Runner’ replicants en masse?

An illustration of a humanoid robot being grown in a bubble.

“I just do eyes!” may not be the most iconic words spoken in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, but they gesture toward a whole series of worldbuilding questions that have long fascinated fans (read: me, maybe only me). For a movie about victims of interplanetary exploitation seeking justice and standing up…

Ingrid Burrington

Precarious author (Networks of New York), educator, and artist (currently, Pioneer Works).

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