What moms really want

A mother’s day pledge to make your mom’s life calm and anxiety free

Around mother’s day every year, everything from our email inbox to social media feed is flooded with mother’s day gift guides. Every company irrespective of what they sell advertise their products with a ‘your mother would love’ this angle, even grocery delivery apps. Really guys? That’s what you think our moms would love for mother’s day? Potatoes, onions and cheaper detergent. Well, thrifty Indian moms would but not for mother’s day.**

**(the above remark is not racist as the writer of this article is Indian)

So, what is a perfect gift for your mom?

Let’s start with what we all generally think are perfect gifts for a our mothers like making her breakfast in bed. You know what is really going on in your mother’s head when she hears the pans banging and smells burnt butter?

“Oh god, what are they doing? Will I have to clean the kitchen now? Are they using a metal spatula on my non-stick cookware? I hope they don’t use my fancy crockery. They might break it.”

Now let’s move on to cards and flowers. To be honest unless you are 5 and you handmade the card and plucked flowers yourself, they are generic and show that you didn’t really care enough. Rough but true!

Oh, how about a Spa voucher? She would love that unless she is busy and doesn’t have time for it. She possibly has to move around a million things to even go to Spa. So what you are giving her is, anxiety. Anxiety about rescheduling everything else she has to do this week to fit in this spa day.

So what should you get the person who spends day and night thinking about everyone but herself. What is it that moms really want from you? Actually what is it that they really need?

Mothers spend so much time worrying about their kids and making sure they are ok that what they really need is some peace in their lives. A calm mom is a happy mom.

So, this mother’s day make a promise to your mom to make her life calm and anxiety free.

I (your name) pledges to my mother (your mother’s name) that:

I will not ignore your calls.

I will keep you informed when I am out late at night with friends.

I will not snap back with condescending remarks when we argue or disagree on something.

I will try to respect your opinion.

I will call you as often as I can and share more details about my life with you.

I will spend more time with you.

And lastly, I will do all this and more not just today but everyday just like you love and care for me everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day