Can it be 2020 already? Enough with the 2016 Election.

This is the 5th presidential election I will legally be allowed to vote in, and this election year has been more fraught with controversy than prior years. Why? The American people are more divided than ever, and our standard “Republican” and “Democrat” tickets just don’t cut it to support all of the opposing views. Still, it’s impossible to run successfully as a third-party candidate. I hope within my lifetime that changes.

I consider myself slightly to the left economically. Like most millennials, I am socially liberal but not quite a socialist. And like many millennials, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, but would have prefered Sanders on the ticket. While I’m not as liberal as many millenials I know, I struggle with Hillary Clinton because the once-Republican is still quite conservative. It’s hard to know what Clinton really thinks because she’s a career politician. While Obama at least came across as trustworthy and like a true President, few of us trust Clinton. Unfortunately, to make it this far, Democrats have to play the game — that is, be super tight with Wall Street. Like any politician, she flip flops on issues to whatever will get her elected. Perhaps she’s changed her mind on a few of these issues personally, but it’s hard to know what she really thinks.

Hillary is not perfect. She’s far from it.

So why am I voting for Hillary?

Whoever wins this election will likely be the first president my “future children” see in the White House. Donald Trump is not fit to be president. It’s unfortunate that one cannot criticize Hillary without risking giving support to Trump, who is clearly a racist, womenizer who is horrible at business and has no political experience. And, to be fair, Hillary has stood by her husband through many-a-scandal, including accusations of harrasment and rape. It’s depressing that many politicians and leaders tend to be sociopathic womanizers, and some have just accepted that it comes with the terriority. Thus, I’m not surprised when Trump supporters don’t waiver in their support for the Republican candidate when audio files of him boasting about assaulting a woman by “grabbing her p*ssy* or aggreeing with Howard Stern that his daughter is “a piece of ass.” There is some level of acceptance that politicans do not need to have morals to be good at their job. And that makes me sad because the #1 job of the President, in my opinion, is to lead our country and to inspire us to be our best — starting with being good to each other. Say what you want about Obama, but I believe over the past eight years he definitely inspired that.

I’m voting for Hillary because she is the only candidate left who can be a president. Trump’s Vice President and his track record against women’s rights terrifies me. I have to vote for Hillary. I have no choice. In four years or in eight years, I’m hoping there will be better options. I’d prefer to be enhusiastically checking the box for Clinton this November — it’s incredible that we’re on the verge of electing the first female president. But I can’t go into this with enthusiasm. I’m voting for Clinton with a sense of duty to my country, my future children, and all Americans. I’m voting for Clinton because she is by far the lesser of two evils.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to 2020.