Why Work As We Know It May Be Immoral
Saul of Hearts

I don’t know if “morality” is the right word. I’d say it’s stupid to ask people to work when there’s no work that needs to be done. I agree that we need to stop romanticing work as the be-all, end-all of life/success/achievement. There is nothing wrong with — if it makes you happy — living a simple life and not striving for this constant need for “more.” But for those artists who want people to buy their work so they can afford this simple life, someone has to work and want to work, and someone has to value those movies that are made as something worth paying for. Labor isn’t virtuous or not virtuous. It is creating value so you can exchange that value for something else of value. That something else of value should include time / free time / sitting around and staring at the wall time / time to be with your family / time to fall in love / time to write a screenplay / time to do nothing at all. If we value time for what it’s actually worth then we can fairly value labor and all that we spend in order to work for what its worth.

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