Fuck You Startup World
Shem Magnezi

If you don’t like it, change it. You’re an engineer — this gives you the power to go and build something of your own and build a company culture that looks like the Silicon Valley you want to see. Or move and start a company outside of the Valley, or don’t. Become a teacher or a social worker, or code the next great non-profit technology. Working in Silicon Valley for 10+ years, one thing I’ve learned is that success isn’t dependent on how many hours employees put in each week — it’s being with a team that’s in it for the long run, not closing the next sale. Big wins now are small wins later. Small wins now build a great company. Find a company that values small wins and doesn’t reward epic heroism unless it’s truely deserved. There are definitely issues with the Valley / startup culture in general, but where else would we be able to be part of building something new — vs doing what most people do — maintaining the status quo. Some people love that life — but for many of us, Silicon Valley can be great — it is what you make of it. And while it’s unlikely you’ll get rich and you may encounter too many Soylent drinkers on a daily basis, you have the opportunity to be part of what defines our culture and our lives. That’s enough of a reason to take back a few of those “fucks.”

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