A Silicon Valley CEO Response to Talia Jane’s letter
Stephane Kasriel

The future of work definitely is the remote, live anywhere workforce for many roles. For a role like customer support, clearly this *can* be done remotely anywhere in the U.S. or even the world where cost of living is lower. In the case of certain support positions, being in the same office as the engineers, for example, adds a lot of value — but in this case it probably won’t make much difference if the employee is located in San Francisco or Kansas. I applaud you for making a commitment to your local employees to review salaries and ensure that they map to the geographical location requirements of living. I did a very bare bones analysis of what a recent colleage graduate would need in order to pay their monthly loans and save for retirement, living with a roommate, and my estimate was a minimum of $55k-$60k (depending how big their college loans are and if you see retirement savings as a necessity or a luxury at that point in one’s career.) If this is not a possible salary for a certain role than ideally it should be located in an area where cost of living is lower. Even offering employees bonuses to relocate to less popular areas and stay there for a certain amount of time before being promoted into higher paying jobs in SF/NY offices could be a reasonable move, so there are options to get started and still work your way up.

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