Let There Be Light

I found myself in the Himalayas.

Sunrise in the Himalayas (Nagarkot, Nepal)

The sun is rising in the horizon and I step out into the crisp mountain air, my toes freezing in my slippers.

Somehow, I feel slightly rejuvenated.

Manila feels far away. The chaos feels far away.

I had just recently closed my first business venture a month prior. The recent failure still stung. I had left in a hurry, leaving things untied. I pushed it out of my mind as my heart numbed in the cold winter air.

Inhale. Exhale.

The cool air fills my lungs and spreads throughout my body.

I find myself beginning my yoga practice. It has been a while, so it was kind of like reuniting with a long lost friend.

I had almost forgotten how yoga is a conversation with myself. It’s nice to get acquainted again.

The practice creates space in the body for life-giving energy to flow through, healing issues stored in the tissues.

Space in the body equals space in the mind.

My mind-chatter starts to cease as I find my rhythm. Prana permeates my body. It’s like fresh air blowing in through an open window.

Inhale. Exhale.

The recent events seem like distant past. I’ve created the space to see things a little more clearly.

I think to myself, “When life turns you upside-down, might as go with it and look at it from that way.”

Reframing Perspective

I’m upside-down. Quite literally.

Breaking dawn with yoga. Pincha Mayurasana in Nagarkot, Nepal.


This might actually be the right side up.

Not having a fixed notion on how things should be is so freeing.

Sky-high on the mountaintop, I look at my life from this vantage point.

I examine my actions and its repercussions. Cooly, like an observer looking through a microscope.

I look at past decisions and the motivations behind them, seeing when I had acted out of fear, instead of love.

The energy with which we act determines its ripple effect outward.

Love expands. Fear constricts.

I look at the people I surrounded myself with. Seeing their desires, motivations and how they were reflecting myself back to me. Showing me a part of myself that needed to be healed in the process.

I feel all my emotions. All the hurt, anger, regret and shame. I feel it wildly and feel it fully.

I let it grip me and shake me. I let it rattle me until I could feel it in my bones.

Then, like transient clouds in the presence of eternity, they began to fade away.

Sometimes, a change in perspective is all it takes to see the light.

The light in me, the light in others and the light that is… All That Is.

I decide right there and then to choose to see differently.

After all, what you focus on expands.

Can I choose to see the light in everything — even in hardship, betrayal, pain and loss?

And somehow, TRUST that all this is happening in my favor.

As I sat in what could arguably be the bottom of a mountain range, I realise that there is absolutely no room for me to stay small. No room for doubt, fear or any other form of negativity.

I wanted to change my world, so first I needed to start changing my perspective.

I could do this by choosing my thoughts.

Choosing light thoughts.