Start With Why

Start with your WHY and the rest follows suit.

I looked at the pile of notebooks gathered on my desk. They were full of scribbles — incoherent pieces of half-formed plans, decipherable only to myself.

I had tried to come up with my next business. And, fell short.

“What am I doing?”

Asking myself this question led to many answers.

Then I dared ask myself.

“Why am I doing this?”

Now, this question - it changed everything.

It shook me to the bones, albeit slightly.

I realised it wasn’t about the money nor was it about redeeming myself for the closure of the prior business.

It certainly wasn’t about fame or self-esteem.

After much reflection on “Why,” I realised that what I really and truly wanted is to help others find their voice.

Now, why? You might ask.


It all began when I found myself stuck in the middle of handling business operations — a role not too ideal for the dreamy, idealistic creative in me.

It not only drained me — it seemed to suck all the life out of me.

The reservoir of words that once poured out of me unceasingly, dried up like a shrivelled prune underneath the desert sun.

I found myself frustratedly thinking, “I just want to focus on sharing my message with the world.”

Who would have known that it was a pre-cursor to helping others find theirs.

The Big WHY

When you start with why, the rest follows suit.

Your reason why is what fans the flames of purpose and colours the energy that underpins your endeavour.

A great purpose is woven into the fabric of the business. It’s in your product development, your customer experience, your marketing, and everything in between. It becomes its guiding force.

With a WHY now bigger than the company itself, it ceases to be merely a business. It becomes purpose-driven.

It becomes all about the difference it is making in the world.

It becomes this beacon of light.

This purpose speaks about the company’s connection to its community and its desire to effect change for the greater good.

This reason now becomes the engine that fans the flames, the wind beneath its wings.

I tell you — a strong enough purpose will burn so brightly that there’s no such thing as failure. It will be enough to see you through.

Inspiring Action

In the same way that we want to be connected to ideas and movements that are greater than us, our purpose and that of our organisation can inspire action.

People rally behind a purpose that speaks to them at the core.

Whether this is an employee of the company or a first-time customer, the purpose unites them behind this common cause and engenders their passionate commitment.

More than ever, people are asking— what do you stand for? And, is everything you say and do aligned to it?

They are wanting to know so that they can decide if they want to stand by you and your organisation.

The only way to change someone’s mind is to connect with them from the heart. (Rasheed Ogunlaru)

Our Purpose

Purpose: Empowering leaders to stand up, speak out and make a difference.

Our mission then stems from that.

Mission: To provide clarity in expression, create a unique identity and communicate this strategically.

What’s yours?

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