Leader of the Arts

The screen lights up, filling the space with abstract colors feeding the space with carnatic music that seems to give one an eargasm. You are thrown back amidst the early 20th century. A movie that depicts the sacred art of folk theatre and the honour of being an actor. A movie that slaps you in the face with deep emotions taking your heart to places, drowning your eyes away. What is this movie? None other than the renowned and long awaited ‘Kaaviya Thalaivan’.

I have been long awaiting this movie to enter theatres, to experience the feeling of being midst folk theatre, being an artist myself I would like to add that this was an exhilarating experience. The score from AR Rahman just renounced and uplifted the movies’ soul. The movie starts off with two beings thrown into a theatre company by the claws of fate and as destiny plays with these two beings along a long line of great plays, an affair with a princess and then throws these two people against one another due to the venomous fumes of jealousy.

The main theme of this movie revolves around these two beings’ competition and jealousy. But what caught my eye was the independence movement that folk theatre had a huge role during India’s Independence won over on August 15th 1947. So many great men, put their lives on the line for the country’s independence, so much of protests, speeches and lines of men and women beaten to death on the hopes of seeing an Independent nation. Ironically, though are we still an independent nation? Can we still go out and do what we want to do? Do we have the right to sway from the ranks?

A nation that was once ruled by the British, Portugese and Dutch is now dancing to the strings of the greatest puppet master of all. They disguise themselves and make them think that we are in control but in fact they control the way we think, the way we act, the way we go about every single opinion in our lives. Our lives have been shaped and sculpted by the sheer laws of modernism and corporations. Yes, they are good for our nation, boosting employment, building and developing small towns but as we toil over our soil, the only thing that we provide our nation with, are the collective drops of sweat.

Being a theatre artist, all I have done is direct and act in others’ plays, that too the majority being from British, American and Russian playwrights. It’s time that we gather around and start doing theatre and the arts for a reason. The time has come once again to attain the ‘RajaPaattai’ for a reason. Act to change people, there should be a compulsive reason as to why we step foot on that stage. The potential the current generation holds is infinite hence, the people I work with and the theatre groups that I am part of, have to start initiating movements rather than just share an opinion over a social stage it’s time to take the movement across various platforms, both the collegiate and national level!

To Change!


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