Day 1

10.9.2017. — Today is the first day of my self-learning bootcamp.

It’s a Monday so I’m working remotely today and will be going into an actual classroom environment in South Bay from Tuesdays to Thursdays every week for 2 months.

I’m feeling excitement and giddiness about this self-created school. Going to class used to feel like a chore; now a decade later, I feel the exact opposite. It’s interesting how perspectives can reverse, when I’m taking learning into my own hands, and personalizing the way I’m turning knowledge into skills.

Reflections at the end of the day:

How do you feel?

It felt awesome to start the day off with writing and to record my feelings and processes throughout this journey. Writing gives me clarity; I hope that this documentation will also give others clarity, motivation and inspiration if they choose to do something similar.

Especially as I’ve had difficulty finding detailed guides on how to structure your own self-learning program as well as comprehensive overview of how it was like. Most alternative programs are already established, and takeaways already implemented. My goal is to put on the inverse lens and extract those best practices to build upon.

Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out yet. I feel relatively calm, perhaps it hasn’t hit me yet that I’ve quit my first job and this is going to be my life for the next two months. Not that I’m complaining :)

How thought-out is the curriculum?

I see the curriculum as 2 pieces:

  • Projects I’ll work on
  • Day to day structure



  • documenting progress extensively for first month, as well as chats with other self-learners and learning experts on how to create effective curriculums
  • synthesize learnings from Designing for How People Learn book
  • create action plans from self-study / development books (still TBD)

Course design:

  • create from scratch a menu of concepts for a course
  • shape newly released online course as beta tester
  • participate in an established online course and build a helper chatbot for it


The day is basically broken down to 3 blocks

  • Morning: writing
  • Afternoon: courses
  • Night: reading

This format also feels natural because I’ve structured the day around my energy levels. From trying it out at home during the holidays, I’ve also found this is my version of an ideal working day.

From working on writing a book for the past year, I feel that I’ve built up and exercise enough of my discipline muscle to power through this. Because self-learning and growth are important to me, there’s also an ample amount of willpower and motivation.

As you can see below, setting these timebounds help me use and invest it more effectively.

First week schedule

** I will also follow up on this schedule at the end of the week on how it went!

What are you afraid of?

I wonder: how will I adjust to this new freedom?

It feels simultaneously empowering and scary to more deeply understand what it means to be able to take full responsibility for my life. And to see it so vividly in front of me, and living it now.

Having this mindset feels like a keystone habit, where it affects all the other areas in my life. I wonder how else am I holding myself back due to social constraints.

In cautious anticipation of getting my life turned upside down again and again (for the better).

What are you looking forward to?

Finally dedicating myself to projects and skills with the time it deserves, brings a smile to my face. Because I created the curriculum myself and money is out of the equation (in that I’m timebounding to prioritize it two months from now), this series of projects feel very authentic.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this truer version of myself.

Where would you like to be in a month? In two months?

In a month, I’d like to be at a place where I can consistently follow the schedule and produce the amount of quantity work I’ve designed to stretch my creative muscles.

In two months, I’d like to be at a place where I’m proud of the quality pieces I created and start focusing on how I can shape my career around what feels the most alive.