Lifeview: Reflection on what life means to me

Photo by Pepe Reyes on Unsplash

Update 4/23/18: I published this nearly a year ago, here is what I’m up to now: One Month Projects.

I’m working towards cultivating a lifestyle where work and life are aligned. By thinking about what life means to me, I can better understand what I value as important.

Why are we here?

  • We’re here to experience and discover all that life has to offer

What is the meaning or purpose of life?

  • Life is for understanding yourself better and pushing yourself to your greatest potential

What is the relationship between the individual and others?

  • The individual co-exist with others: there’s interactions and relationships that ebb and flow

Where do family, country, and the rest of the world fit in?

  • We carry parts of families with us at all times, there’s kin family and there’s the friends that you choose as family
  • Country is a social construct, we’re all human beings
  • I’m sometimes out of touch with the rest of the world and the bigger picture. I’d like to see more of the world and become more understanding

What is good, and what is evil?

  • I used to look at the world in binary lenses: everything was either black or white. Then I learned how nuanced things can be, something can be devastating in the present but be seen as a gift in retrospect
  • For me, I know what my values are and I’ll stand up for those values. What’s good for me is that I’m living life in alignment with those values, when my Workview is coherent with my Lifeview.

Is there a higher power, God or something transcendent and if so, what impact does this have on your life?

  • I believe that there’s something so magical about the universe and so incredible about life. I believe that it’s up to me to appreciate this gift and take responsibility and become the best person I can be.

What is the role of joy, sorrow, justice, injustice, love, peace and strife in life?

  • Joy: to feel gratitude and appreciation
  • Sorrow: to put things in perspective, to cherish, to become better
  • Justice / injustice: to take a stand on something
  • Love: to live fully and deeply
  • Peace: to come to acceptance
  • Strife: to grow stronger

Inspired by the book “Designing Your Life”.