The curriculum that I made for myself

I just went ahead and did it.

Creating a curriculum for myself for the next 2 months felt like the most “in charge” action of my life that I’ve taken. It felt like I was finally owning up the responsibility of my life, and actually doing it.

I was the sculptor, molding the shapes of my dreams from the blank chunks of playdoh.

I didn’t have formal training on curriculum design either. Thoughts of “I’ll wait until I gain xyz skills” or “I’ll do this after I save up a runway of three years” would’ve flooded my mind a year ago.

Remnants of that still color my thoughts. Although now, I’ve learned to recognize the anxious part of me. I’ve also learned to recognize the self-awareness part of me where I can confidently say that I don’t need formal training to understand what I’d like to do. I only need to ask myself.

As mentioned in “Why I quit my job to do a learning bootcamp”, I want to build a career around writing and course design.

There, I sketched the how — of how I created my curriculum using frameworks of deliberate practice, project-based learning, and feedback loops.

Here, I’ll outline the what — of what I included as the content in the learning plan, cultivated around areas of desired improvement. With writing, I want to complete drafts (currently 97 in medium folder) and tell captivating stories. With course design, I want to create a learner-centric experience for students and familiarize myself with what it takes to run an effective course.

The end goal is to create a career around the overlap of these two areas.

Short version

Month 1: Writing (objectives)

  • Week 1: 750 words every day
  • Week 2: publish 2 times a week
  • Week 3: publish 3 times a week
  • Week 4: make portfolio website

Month 1: Course design (objectives)

  • Course 1: co-create a course from scratch, from brainstorm to deployment
  • Course 2: shape the direction of a newly released online course as beta tester
  • Course 3: build a helper bot for an online course as a medium of targeted learning

Since I’m working on three distinct courses simultaneously, it follows a different format compared to writing because every week isn’t neatly laid out. I love that I get to experience all of the course processes on a spectrum — from course creation to course taken by hundreds of students!

*This curriculum will be updated later with Month 2 curriculum