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Whenever we are talking about mobile phones, one word that comes up most frequently is android phone. I am sure many of you do not even realize what it is before buying a smart phone for yourself except knowing that it is something very good for your mobile. So, all those ignorant about it can now know what does android mean to a smart phone here in this article. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is the heart and soul of any smart phone because it lends that software through which you can browse almost anything and with ease.

Android is actually an open source code operating system so it can be modified for use by various mobile companies for smart phones or tablets. Though the basic features provided by the operating system remains the same that is they can be upgraded but cannot be all together different. Whatever games and applications that you use on your android based smart phones are developed on android. The greatest advantage of android is its functionality. They have a huge option of web based applications and services.

Latest android phones contain features which are remarkable. The phone can act as a modem for your laptop with the use of wireless tethering services. This means if you have your phone around, you can connect your laptop and work with ease without depending on any network connections around. All Google accounts of the owner also are automatically linked with the phone like Gmail or Google chrome. The picture quality and the camera features can beat even the expensive cameras in market. Whether its just a text message or listening to music, android smart phones give seamless services. What’s more is that Google keeps upgrading the android versions and you will automatically be asked to upgrade your phone for even a better performance.

Another major feature of the latest android phones is the touch screen. The touch screen was a major revolution and now its the basic requirement and the most sought after feature of any smart phone. This interactive interface with great internal storage makes it an individual’s first choice. It is fit to access even the 4G networks with great ease and video conferencing can be done on your smart phone even when you are in any part of the world. There are also many other video call applications and services that are quite popular with people staying at long distances. It is the cheapest mode of communication and also the most interactive one. The best part is that you can download and avail these services and applications for free. The feasibility and functionality of android cell phones spoils the consumer for choice. It is an individual’s best friend and a way to connect to the entire world. Android smart phones latest android phones

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