Blockchain Communities are built upon a shared conviction and belief in the underlying Technology and its effective application in a unique Business Idea. It is imperative thus, that there is something for every Community member at each step, regardless of whether they are Enthusiasts, End Users, or Holders . Liger’s unique business processes, driven by the power of Smart contracts, includes built in rewards for all the Community stake holders.

Liger’s Community Ecosystem is designed so that it will feature two prominent stake holders — Gamers who will experience ease of settlement and transparency in their use of Liger tokens, and ICO Token holders that see futuristic growth value in Liger Tokens. …

Hi Friends!

LIGER has always believed in getting the right Team in place. Learning is a continuous process. To learn from the very best in the Crypto Industry, we have on boarded the ‘Best of the Best’ from the Crypto Industry.

We welcome two excellent knowledge banks to our Board of Advisors.

NIKOLAY SHKILEV brings his extensive experience in the Crypto world. Rated Number 2 by ICO Bench in the Crypto Advisory, Nikolay has 20 years of rich experience in mentoring large scale projects. He is a Winner of multiple awards in the area of IT Technology.

Some of his awards are ‘Self Made Russia award’, Tech Guru, Super Top award. …

Hi Friends!

LIGER believes in ‘Value Addition’. To that extent, LIGER has not cramped the Advisory Team with names alone. We believe in working with the ‘Established professionals’ in the field of Cryptocurrency and Technology to build robust business models backed by sustainable technology processes.

LIGER proudly announces the association of ‘Experience & Youth’ in its Advisory Board.

VLADIMIR NIKITINis one of the Top Advisors in the Crypto and ICO space and has several laurels attached to him. A thorough professional and an expert in taking ICOs to great heights with Advisory not limited to the ICO period bit also extending into the business building, Nikitin’s exponential exposure with the top notch projects will add value to LIGER’s reach and business processes. …

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