Thanks for this story Tim. I sed to look at what was working with article title and adapted the similar heading to an article I did a few years ago called '13 things you should give up to be a successful UX designer' and it was pretty popular for a while. I based my article on Zdravko's article. Zdravko and I message a few times and he seemed like a loved guy. I like Zdravko stopped writing. I am keen to get back into it but something is holding me back. This is my first note on Medium for a while.

As a designer, you’ll wear lots of bloody hats, here are a few of them.

Shit, as User Experience designers, there’s a never-ending list of hats we need to wear to do our jobs successfully.

We need to be researchers, ideators, creators, testers and shippers.

We need to be diplomats, interrogators, avid readers, detectives and time managers.

We need to be negotiators, leaders, teachers, compromisers…

Guy Ligertwood

Product Designer. Scotsman with an English accent, married to an Argentinian, living in Australia.

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