Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.

To be honest, when I started working from home due to Coronavirus, I wasn’t sure how it’d work out. For myself and many designers out there, the disruption to our everyday lives has meant a big change to the way we work.

Reflecting on the past twelve weeks working from home, I’ve learnt a lot about how I work and found several things that have improved my workflow. I encourage you to grab what was good working from home and keep going with it.

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Illustration by Matthew Carlson.

Here are a few things that have surprised me while working from home with my wife, two teenage daughters, and Enzo (the puppy). …

…and how it could help you in your design career

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Photo by Studio Republic on Unsplash

I’ve been an experience designer for 6 years. I got into it at the age of 39.

I’ve worked with great people, and I’ve worked with wankers, mainly the former. As a result of working with lots of great people, I’ve learnt a tonne in the last 6 years.

Today I work in a great company with wonderful folk. I feel like it’s a pivotal time in my design career. I’m excited.

Here are a few things I’ve found to be crucial to me in my daily life as a designer. …

What is guerrilla testing?

Guerrilla testing (also known as hallway usability testing) is a relatively fast and informal way to test ideas, to get high-level feedback, and potentially uncover user experience problems. It can be done pretty much anywhere: a coffee shop, a shopping center, or on the street. Ideally, you’ll test between 8–10 users as part of your hallway test, with each usually lasting for around 10 mins.

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While the technique is one that is fairly straight-forward, getting the most out of it requires some structure and preparation.

No research is ever quite complete. It is the glory of a good bit of work that it opens the way for something still better, and this repeatedly leads to its own eclipse. …


Guy Ligertwood

Product Designer at Invoice2go. Previously at Qantas. Scotsman with an English accent, married to an Argentinian, living in Australia.

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