no standards

in 1944 a bunch of old

white guys met to discuss

the gold standard —

how do we make it easier

to become dependent on each other?

make money intangible!


and so they created the exchange rate,

the world bank,

the world trade organization,

the imf,

all one needs to create the gap.


we are all one, they insisted,

we are together,

but not a single woman sat at the table,

not a person of color or an out man,

no one disabled.


the bretton woods conference

was a reaction to world

war two, a war headed

by our enemies, hitler and stalin

not one man but two,

mussolini, not two but a few.


so as they sat around for

days, not one asked,

“why do we have

all this power?

how do we distribute

it to our mothers

who should’ve wiped our

asses with dollars since

they’ll be of equal worth

as toilet paper in the future?”


a/n: is this entirely historically accurate? i’m not sure. but was it fun as hell to write? yes, indeed.

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