I Need to Lose Some Weight
Paul Cantor

my 2 cents on this…a lot of my family is a little on the heavy side and I’ve found myself there a few times over the years..but for the most part I’ve stayed pretty thin..but I work at it daily..

what I’ve learned — running is not only real hard on the body, joints etc. but it also gives you one hell of an appetite…so then you’re sore and hungry and you usually over eat..I find walking is so much more productive and easier on the body..a 40 minute walk a day is pretty easy and if you work it into your routine it’s not a work out at all..going somewhere? can you walk there? if it’s 30 minutes each way even better..

eating a piece of fruit EVERY morning not only is good for you but it also starts your metabolism for the day…small meals throughout the day are easier to digest…also learn to cook a bit…you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to eat well and healthy..stay away from processed foods if you can..and of course ween yourself off junk food..

I work out daily..a simple routine of push ups, sit ups, light weights, stretches etc…takes about 15–20 minutes..I alternate between 2 workouts — 1 day weights — next day sit ups/push ups — find what works for you…I don’t depend on a gym..I like going to those places but it becomes one more obstacle to working out..there’s always something you can do at home that will get you a work out..be creative..a treadmill watching TV? a swivel chair can become an exercise machine..it doesn’t need to be fancy it just needs to work for you..I change up my walk all the time..sometimes I ride a bike…I go to the mall occasionally..treadmills are great and so on..you just need to do something daily…it’s not that hard..and once you become religious about it you’ll find it’ll help you with creative things as well..you can get that “runners high” walking…I do all the time but usually after about 40 minutes to an hour…the bottom line is..find what works for you and do it daily..