The Secret Is Out
Rasmus Filipsen

I don’t know if it should be implied but I was always under the assumptions that a percentage of the prize winning, or any sort of income the team earned would have been set aside to finance the team expenses.

I mean I work a job, and I get my money after taxes, I have to take that and pay for the mortgage, the hydro bills, pay for cable and internet, pay for travel, food. Then whatever that’s left can be spending money or for saving or investing.

Sure you guys have to pay for those as well for your own house. But I was under the impression that while you’re working, you didn’t have to pay for your hotel rooms, the plane ticket, the gaming house, the whatevers. Those expenses would come out of the money the organization got from their 10% cut. Yes you guys agreed on 0% from the beginning and they lied. No one can argue that. But if the organization truly gets no money from anywhere, then it better be made clear that everyone will be paying for each of their own expenses out of their own pockets. Maybe pool together monthly for the gaming house rent or whatever. There isn’t a problem with that I suppose but I would probably just tell someone else to handle all that so I can focus on my game, and whatever money they need to keep us housed, fed, and topped off they can just draw from the 10% cut the organization get.

Tldr; I thought the 10% was to pay for everyone’s living expenses while they’re with the organization abroad or whatever. The money the players get are for their own personal spending. I want to iterate that this doesn’t absolve them of their delayed payment and the shady ways they’ve been acting. Just pointing out the obvious that team’s got expenses and somebody’s got to pay for those. If you guys weren’t hounded to pay some of the bills from your whatever salary, then it’s because they’re being paid by the team mutual fund so to speak.

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