Finishing to Begin Again

Day 10 of the Heart & Soul 10-Day Meditation Challenge:

When I first began this 10-Day Challenge, I honestly didn’t think it would that much of a “challenge.” I meditate every day. I take detailed notes in my journal of the clarity, guidance, and healing that I receive. I enjoy the creativity of posting on social media. Cake, right?

Well, no.

I could normally say to myself, “I’m too tired or busy to meditate,” and let it slide down a notch or two on my daily calendar of events. But with this challenge, that wasn’t so easy. I had to be accountable to not only myself, but those participating in the challenge. And when it came to sharing, I didn’t anticipate how scary it would be to share the fruits of my meditation practice in terms of conversations with my Higher Self, astral travels, and messages from my Guides. What would people think? And posting on social media used to be something I would do when the mood struck, no rhyme or reason. With this challenge, I had to continually produce and tap into my creativity whether or not I was in the mood. And that stretched me.

But in the end, with the accountability bar raised, the drastic thinning of transparency around who I am, and the push to continually create, it all brought me back to one thing: Freedom. Because more than challenge me to meditate, it challenged me to be more authentic, more real, and most importantly, to break through fear in order to be more loving…with myself. To shake off the expectations, the doubts, the what-ifs, and the questioning of self-worth and self-value. To be here Now.

This Challenge has officially changed the game for me. Thank You, Activate Austin for hosting and challenging me to step into even more of Who I Am and the freedom that it has shone into my life. Much LOVE. ❤

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