July Full Moon in Capricorn: Crazier than Usual

While every Full Moon can bring with it a certain degree of upheaval and unpredictability that can feel like an emotional rollercoaster, this July Full Moon in Capricorn is an exception. It makes the usual emotional rollercoaster look like a walk in the park.

This Moon means business and you may be feeling pushed to your very wit’s end with dramatic swings from one extreme to the other — feeling joy and then anguish, anger and then love, peace and then agitation, repulsion and then desire, wanting to be with others and then needing to be alone — with no apparent rhyme or reason.

But given the planetary/celestial alignments of the moment, this is most definitely by design. Here’s a simple, but rich, way to look at this design:

  • First, the Sun is opposite the Moon, highlighting polarity and the tension of duality in your life. Right: Wrong. Light: Dark. Good: Bad. Yes: No.
  • This Full Moon is conjunct with Pluto, bringing an unprecedented flood of unresolved/ignored energy from deep within your subconscious and psyche to the surface. Memories, traumas, pleas from the inner child, fears, vivid dreams, etc.
  • The Sun has got a wingman, too, conjunct with Mars. Energies are extremely heightened, and you may feel more bold and more passionate, but also out of control and overwhelmed with the surge of fire energy.

Is this feeling resonant with you? Well, keep reading, because here’s where it gets really interesting:

  • With Pluto conjunct with the Moon, this puts the Sun opposite Pluto. Fierce, relentless light will shine on the darkest aspects of yourself and what needs to crumble and be vanquished from your life, and the discomfort of not being able to hide may trigger a meltdown (or two).
  • With Mars conjunct with the Sun, this also puts the Moon opposite Mars. Mixing the heightened fire energy of Mars/Sun with the deeper water energy of Pluto/Moon can be a hard cocktail to stomach. Unrest, agitation, impatience, and an explosive temper can result.

And, now, to layer in a real doozy:

  • July is the month of Cancer and this Moon is in Capricorn. These are opposing signs in the Zodiac. See a pattern? Cancer brings with it a nurturing, empathic, and more Yin/feminine energy that craves stability and security to really flourish. Capricorn also can nurture, but in a traditionally Yang/masculine way, with discipline, setting boundaries, encouraging common sense, and a detached level-headedness. And while they may look good together on paper, they don’t always mix or play well together.

Bottom line: This Moon is not messing around. We are all on the spot. If you thought you could hide or run away from your fears and the things in life that challenge you the most, think again. They go with you wherever you go, and just like the stars and planets in the sky, their influence is constant and always working on you whether you are aware of them or not.

The Full Moon is literally shaking our foundation to the ground and making us look at all of who we are. The stuff we hide in the shadow of the subconscious, sweep under the rug, hide in closets, and tuck under the bed — it’s time to sort through it all. And as she shakes, things will fall apart, and we have to let it happen. But more importantly, things will remain standing. The parts of us that we need to evolve into what’s next and be born again — the gold separating from the silt.

And while this is definitely not a comfortable time and amidst the emotional maelstrom you may find yourself shaking your fist at the Universe more than a few times, don’t make the mistake of rushing through it to “get it over with.”

This is an amazingly auspicious time for you to use the distance from your everyday to make incomprehensibly powerful changes in your life, many that you may feel are well overdue. And with the surges of energy and emotion coming at you that feel out of control, how do you master the art of response, redirection, and being the captain of your own ship? How do you reconcile the opposing forces in our lives? To embody both the inner feminine and the inner masculine in balance? To be emotional and not be attached? To set boundaries and still be able to flow?

How do you use the bipolar nature of this Moon to know even more of who you are — what you need to work on and what you have overcome -and use this knowing to show up without having to hide or make excuses so you can make the impact that the world needs?

It’s time to stop fearing duality and to use it to create your life and live in alignment with your Divine nature. Yin/Yang. Masculine/Feminine. Sun/Moon. Know your extremes so you can know what your true path is and what’s it not, and most importantly, to know Who You Are, now.

This is the key to your greatest power, crazy as it may sound. It’s time to stop fighting it.

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