Resistance: What is it good for?

At many points in our life, we will encounter resistance. Unexpected twists in the road. Doors that close and lock before we arrive. A cliff where a bridge used to be. Detours that we do not choose to take. And it is at these points where we will often hear, or even say ourselves, “This is a test to help you become stronger.”

Which is not untrue.

But where does this resistance come from? Did Life get in your way? Does the Universe have other plans? Was it not fated in the stars? Is this karma coming back to teach you a lesson?

It is easy to attribute this externally. To see yourself as acted upon when these roadblocks appear. But is it crazy to think that it may, in fact, be internal in origin?

Our challenge as humans living in this physical density is to awaken, to remember our purpose, and to locate the path to achieving it. But there is a part of us, that self that is pure Spirit, that has not forgotten. It is this aspect of self that has access to the blueprints, the legend, the storyboards that can make sense of it all.

So what if it is that part of us that is helping us to grow, to gain strength through encountering and pushing through resistance, that is carefully curating the chaos according to our proximity to personal truth? Because in order to progress, we must allow ourselves to detach from the past. To allow it to inform our arrival in the present without allowing it to dictate the direction of our future.

How often have you recognized patterns in your life that are holding you back? The same type of person being attracted into your life over and over again…Ways of relating to others that are not sustainable, productive, nor nurturing to your soul… Recurring life situations where you are the common denominator…Attacks of anxiety and doubt whenever you dare to question if your life is meant for more…Blocks whenever you try to create new patterns and think outside the box.


Because you are here to learn. To wake up to the reality that you live in. To know that you are much, much more than you can even comprehend. And to come closer to that comprehension, you must be willing to be stretched. To be pushed so that you can push back and lean into the anxiety, doubt, and fear. So that you can stop rewriting the same story of stagnation and second-guessing and write a new story that is empowered and endless in possibility.

The body is a microcosm of the Universe. What manifests within will always manifest without. So as you learn to view your resistance as an ally, allowing it to reveal exactly where you have opportunities to raise your frequency and raise your awareness to be more connected to your Spirit self, you may be able to shift more easily through these patterns, through the roadblocks, and into a space of living where you allow the resonance of peace, love, purpose, and joy to echo and create your Universe.

So when you encounter resistance, there is no need to lower your head and go back to square one because it “didn’t line up” or “didn’t go according to plan.” Make your own plan. Start your own line. And create the reality for yourself to rise up and be more than you ever dreamed possible.

It begins with You.

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