The June Full Moon: Break Through to Begin Again

It’s that time again — the Full Moon!

Have you been feeling a new acceleration in your life? An urgency to get things “figured out?” An accumulation of signs from the Universe that it’s time to honor the things you’ve been putting off for way too long? A desire for things to change on both a macro and micro level?

You are certainly not alone (even if it’s only me, that still makes two of us!).

I remember very clearly this time last year, when we arrived at the 1st Full Moon in Sagittarius last June. It was an extremely powerful time then, of needing to push through the boundaries I had reinforced for decades to keep me safe from the world. Through it was certainly challenging and sometimes painful, my revelation on the other side was how those boundaries were preventing me from growing and enabling me to be “comfortable” and “stable.” At the time, I viewed life as happening to me and I was fearful. But through this self-imposed rejection of my own progression, I was cutting myself off from the chance to learn the lessons and unite with community that would push me to be more in my life and continue transforming in the direction of my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. I was choosing stagnation out of fear, and last year’s Full Moon was NOT having it!

So as we loop back around to June 2017 and the Moon is in Sagittarius once again, I get to take some of the challenge and pain away from the experience. One year later, after a waterfall of breakthroughs and learning more about Who I Am, I am much less attached to things being a certain way or things having to go my way. I am more skilled at allowing things to be, confident in my role as the creator of my Universe, and enjoying a deeper knowing that when the challenges and pain points present themselves, that there is an orchestration far beyond my current comprehension that is presenting to me exactly what I need to become stronger, to push through to the next level, and transform. And I get to live life and confront its ups and downs with Joy and Gratitude.

This June Full Moon in Sagittarius presents each of us with a beautiful opportunity to illuminate in our lives where our boundaries are and where we can venture outside the status quo in order to have more Joy!

Do you have boundaries that will fall over with a single breath? Are your boundaries super rigid? Are your boundaries more about others than they are about you? Is it okay to have no boundaries for a while and explore open pastures?

If you look, you’ll probably recognize a little bit of all of these. So what needs to give? Where have you stopped yourself from growing? Where is fear your main motivator for the choices you make to either do something or not do it? And where can you take greater responsibility for the details in your life and empower yourself to no longer be a victim of circumstance?

For it is through this process of self-reflection and true self-ownership that you get to heal, grow, and continually transform. Does it push you? Yes. Is it sometimes uncomfortable or anxiety provoking? Yes. Does it shake up everything that you thought you knew before and beg the question, “What do I believe now?” Yes. It is difficult? Yes.

But do most people do this? No. I, myself being one of them for over 3 decades. Because the idea that healing and growth should “feel good” is an illusion at best, and at worst, a trap.

For me, whenever I would get pushed to an edge or feel the inner guidance poking me to detach from a thought pattern, a habit, or a relationship dynamic that was keeping me stuck, I would use that as my cue to run for the hills. “No, Thanks — that sound painful and hard.” I would avoid instead of approaching while shutting off my own inner compass so that I could invest my energy in the compass that society gave me. So much easier that way.

And I regret being in that trap for so long.

But it doesn’t make me wish that things were different. On the contrary, it motivates me even more to claim my life now, and to pay this experience forward so that others who are stuck or are daring to ditch the compass of the outer world can have the support and encouragement to break free and know that their best days are yet to come. It allows me to be deeply grateful for these lessons that have transformed me into the being that I am today. And it allows me to realize my duty to keep shifting, growing, healing, and growing stronger so that others can do the same and liberate themselves from the illusion and the trap.

Because it’s not only about me. It’s about all of us making the most of this time that we have now. That is what it is about, at the end of the day, for me. For all of us to create peace on Earth together, beginning with ourselves and our hearts.

I’ll finish up with a timely quote from composer, Hans Zimmer:

“Having the great opportunity on a daily basis to sit in front of a blank page is terrifying, and at the same time really exciting…every time you finish with something you start with a blank page, with nothing.”

And that is where the Full Moon has led you. To the point where you are confronted once again with a blank page and the chance to start over. Whether you’re terrified, really excited, or mix of both, this is truly how you live life as an endless adventure. This is the beginning of how you grow, heal, and continually transform. This is how you use your inner compass to live your life alive.

This is the seed for how you change the world.

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