Transformation & Evolution Go Further When We Go Together

Recently, when I was gushing about how great my coaching call was this past Monday, a few people asked me, “That’s awesome! How long have you been coaching her?” When I replied that it was me who was receiving coaching, they were shocked. What would I, Jonathan G. Itchon, need coaching on?

In genuine sincerity and compassion, allow me to roll on the floor and laugh out loud. There is SO much for me to be coached on. Yes, I’ve helped many people to break through plateaus, achieve their dreams, and overcome fears so they can lead a more purposeful and joy-filled life. This is true. But just because I can help others doesn’t mean that I can help myself in the same way.

Can a hair stylist give themselves a haircut? Can the voice teacher give themselves voice lessons? Can the personal trainer train themselves? Yes, they certainly could. But would it be the same as the service they offer to their clients? No. The precision, attention to detail, the efficiency, and the ability to be objective and see things from another perspective aren’t there. And therefore, neither will the results.

I’m no exception. I have done a lot of work on myself and I continue to work on myself. In my perspective, it is a huge must in my profession. But I can only bring myself so far. And just as the clients who come to me because they need that boost and that extra support to get past their blocks and achieve success, I need that, too.

I am a professional who is highly trained and experienced. I value my time, my energy, and I am passionate about what I do. So doesn’t it make sense that when I need help, I, too, will seek out a professional who is highly trained and experienced and also values their time, their energy, and is passionate about what they do?

Leveling up, healing, growing — all of it requires an expansion of awareness to what is possible and what is real. For there to be a tension between what is and what can be. And for many of us, myself included, seeing the world constantly from our perspective and through the lens of our past experiences, the amount of tension we can create on our own is limited. We get stuck in what we know about ourselves — our patterns, our traumas, our blocks, and the easiest and quickest way to self-sabotage. So while change can happen, it’s not as fast, it’s not as smooth, and it’s much more difficult to achieve and maintain.

So here’s where you enlist someone to help. But not just anyone. Choosing someone who is genuinely invested in helping you get where you want to go and will aspire to help you go even further. Someone to help you see yourself from a different angle. To approach your life from the outside, without your attachments, your fears, your triggers, or your ego. To shine light on your blind spots and shadowy areas so you can know more of who you are and what makes you tick.

Someone who can actually inspire you to go the distance.

Moral of the story: None of us can do it alone.

While it would be great if we were all self-sufficient and independent of one another, that’s not how we’re built. As humans, knowing who we are and why we’re here comes from interaction and seeing our reflection in others and allowing them to see their reflection in us. Introspection is certainly a part of the equation. But too much introspection can easily spin you in circles and trap you in your mind and negative ego. And that is where you need someone who can get you out of your head so you can bust out of that box and grow further into your full, divine potential.

So don’t let yourself stay stuck out of pride, shame, or fear. Break free. Get help when you need it. And have high standards and please be choosy when it comes to who you ask to help you. What you put into it is what you will receive, so don’t settle for the cheapest option — get the best option for you and what you need and deserve.

Aim high, dream big, and allow the Light to shine.

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