So, currently as it stands, 100% of all funds coming from endorsements go to the content creator for the first endorsement; after that, the creator gets 50% of all future endorsements; then the other 50% is divided amongst all the previous endorsers of the content, with a percentage going back to Yours.
Endorsements, Payment Channels, and How Yours Will Reward Content Creators and Curators
Steven McKie

This is an interesting model, however right now there is no (apparent) incentive to give fat tips. If I pay 50 cents to one post, and 1 cent to another post, and the exact same amount of tips come in after me, I will make the same on each post, right? Perhaps a function should be added so that the more someone tips, the more they earn from later tips. I’m not sure if it’s like that already but by the sounds of it, the system is the more simple model I described above.