Lightcurve Delegate Update

Lightcurve GmbH
Apr 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Berlin-based Lightcurve is the main contractor responsible for all development and marketing of the non-profit Lisk Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland. Lightcurve employees took the initiative to maintain a delegate position in the Lisk ecosystem from the time when it was registered in 2017.


The Lightcurve node was set up in an attempt to create an incentive-based benefits structure for employees. However, this endeavor was never meant to be permanent — the eventual plan was to shut down the node and distribute the funds amongst team members. This is part of an attempt to make space for more Lisk community members to participate in the network by becoming forging delegates.

Where We Are Now

Lightcurve is getting larger as an increasing number of individuals join the team, therefore we’ve decided it is no longer suitable to maintain this delegate position to support an outdated incentive program in its current format. Lightcurve is rapidly transitioning from a small organization with only a handful of members to a serious company with over 40 employees. In order to support this growth, we realized that we needed to create a more efficient employee benefit structure. We now have a professional human resources department as well as an experienced legal and financial team who helped us design a scalable individualized employee incentive program to support the ongoing growth of this blockchain consultancy.

Constant maintenance and undivided attention is required of any delegate running a node. Given how rapidly our ecosystem is growing, we’ve found that we can no longer provide this level of attention; it is an unnecessary distraction and we realized it is best for us to further focus on the evolving Lisk network and technology.

Next Steps

For all of these reasons, we will step away from the Lightcurve delegate position. Following this action, we will formally announce that Lightcurve currently has no plans to become a forging delegate in the near future. Although we acknowledge the current fees associated with voting are relatively high, we would like to encourage you to vote for other active and deserving community members.

The forging rewards associated with the position will be distributed amongst the 10 employees of Lightcurve who were responsible for setting up the delegate and are still on the team.

Next steps:

1. Distribute the Lightcurve delegate funds.

2. Kindly ask that everyone reconsider their vote.

3. Shut down the Lightcurve node.

Lightcurve has found the delegate position instrumental and we are incredibly grateful to the entire community for supporting the position over the last year. This is a very positive step for Lightcurve and the Lisk Foundation in general; it is a strong indicator that we are heading to much bigger and better places.

-The Lightcurve Delegate Team

Lightcurve GmbH

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Blockchain product development studio and consultancy with a special focus on coding, marketing and support of projects built with @Lisk technology.

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