To live your Dream

I have a dream,
Its seen the days, Moving around.
See the light..lasting the hours,
its brightness long, shiny too.
As it falls the dark does come.
In the night with eyes open, your life is numb.
Its calls your sleep, as you fall,
eyes close slowly, there’s nothing wrong.
Good night to all, your asleep.
A dream, a life to begin,
More to you, sometimes you grin,
scared at times, its frightening too.
The melted world, the visual pool.
In this mix, you see a light,
to catch it now, is not to tear,
for life's out there & simply disappears.
As you awake, the newish day,
you live your life, & see your dream,
each day goes on, a life it may seem.
You know this fact, a fact is true,
as the dark approaches your tired with sleep,
you live your dream a sleep once more.
Its a time, a time to be, for now you know.
Your back! your free! which one to choose.
A day or night, all to be seen,
the choice its yours.
One to grab, this day? this night?
the one to you, your very right.
Your future dream, to live your dream.

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