We Remain Unchanged
Advancing Justice | AAJC

The letter that you all signed on to doesn’t argue that the internet should be a utility, but that the rules for internet access should be written by statute. Seeing as how the GOP is in control of Congress and a Trump lackey is the head of the FCC, that means we’re going to get even *less* regulation and therefore *less* access so that telecoms can charge us more.

It’s a shame, because the other affiliates accomplish so much work thanks to the power and resources of an open internet. A GOP-led effort to monetize as much as they can would mean that, one day, NPOs like the affiliates will be barred from doing online community work because then cost becomes a barrier.

I understand AAJC trying to take all the blame to spare the other affiliates, but AAJC shouldn’t have signed on in the first place. This is how you drag others down with you.

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