Code is like communicating with the stars. I keep thinking about how it seems like a work of art. Practical, yet Individual to each creator, but one whose mysteries keep eluding me. Briefly and rarely granting me a glimpse, a glance at the beauty beneath it. What can I do?

Slowly I find myself getting to scratch the surface of that polished work of art, lending mind at each color, at each bracket. I’m trying to think of it past the frustration I feel at my bewildering mind. A method. A String. A class. Each a separating symbol in a line of two numbers. Zero and One.

This week I saw codebreakers on Netflix. It is a documentary about Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer. I had been wanting to see “The Imitation Game” but missed it when it was in the theaters. Nonetheless, I was not disappointed with the film. If anything I found myself thrilled and inspired by it. Recently I had done a class exercise calculating the fibonacci sequence and had remembered how a couple of years ago I was completely fascinated by their mere existence.

Now, taking a closer look at it. Almost touching it by calculating it. By programing it. I see. Such a simple line of code, denoting the fragile and immense complexity in nature. How can I possibly tap into that? Yet i feel like I’ve wanted nothing else in my lifetime.

All these meanderings create a tornado of what I thought was meaning to me. What I’ve thought is possible. I cant help but long to explore it, vying to push past the limits of my capabilities. What did I see? How can I get there? I know It all takes time. It all feels so worth it. So..

“Where do I start?”