Like a ship set to sail.

Numbers tell of an unimaginable story. One of endless possibility, a sea of stars and their dust interconnected by the beauty of probability. As programmers, we can steer this ship. Before us rests concepts like space and time. Yet it is in these terms that we have to present to each other our logical findings.

“It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by a means of ten symbols, each symbol receiving a value of position as well as an absolute value; a profound and important idea which appears so simple to us now that we ignore its true merit. But its very simplicity and the great ease which it has lent to all computations put our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions. And we shall appreciate the grandeur of this achievement the more when we remember that it escaped the genius of archimedes and Apollonius, two of the greatest men produced by antiquity.” -Laplace

The way I see it, knowledge is a fundamental state of being. Very much like faith. Some don’t know where it comes from. I understand it comes from time. If we were all to assess as to why we exist in the first place, aside from the absolute madness we’d see, which we can clearly see represented in the secular world; At some point I think we would be able to comfortably reach the conclusion that yes, we do in fact exist, and our choices and decisions do in fact influence the lives of others, in whatever scale that may or may not be.

As any truly sane man will tell you, knowledge is knowing how to cycle through the wheels of madness and still find your center.

As an individual, what are the limits of my own strength, I have none but my own language.

Yet as humans we collectively twist our own fates into being. All intricately connected to one another. All searching for meaning and purpose. All we have to do is just find that right angle of momentum and that’s all it takes.

I believe that if nothing else, human beings are mathematical beings. In their own intricacies, each their own beautiful essence. Which is why all the more that I believe that we should all have the most undilutable essence which is ourselves free of corruption be that which endures time.

As such, let our generation be remembered as those who took change and let our determination guide our every step.

As all humans can attest to, we’ve gotten this far by trusting each other. And in doing so we have achieved much. Great knowledge and not enough peace. So in trying to find some way to cope with the madness of disorientation I began to research as to why this is, the unrests in the middle east, the vast differences between the poor and rich, and the resources available to us all which has inevitably led me to search through what we’ve gained as a whole species.

Over time, it’s all been the same thing. The same theme recurring in time simply taking different forms. Fear. How do we overcome such a thing, what can we do? What can we build? It has been this worry, the telling tale of humanity.

This led me to the works of euclid, copernicus and newton, interesting stuff but by god if I can make any sense of it at all.

It seems though that that’s what’s needed to make it through these times again. These being times where faith and logic coalesce into disarray.

Mathematics is like searching through darkness for light, you’d go mad until you found it but once you did, it’s something you’d recognize. That’s what I’m in search of.

That’s what human sanity is. That’s what a world without pain looks like. Because in that world we have the ability to change the outcome of the equation based on the input. Which we ourselves can dictate.

The mind. It really is a machine of logic cycles. I’m gonna be an astronaut. I’ll find some way to do it. I will dedicate my life to this.

Consider this my flag.

At the end of it all, we’re all just people trying to do good.

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