How does the computer process the nature of the mind? I have no clue. the inner workings of the machine still elude me. Why? I feel like I know so much. Yet I still lack a myriad of little. The constant process of progress. I believe finding stability creates it. Depending on what stability you’ve decided to build upon. Contextual simulation leads me to believe that understanding the mid-class, the entry point of logic. Where cohesive sense comes together. The main entry point. Will lead to the most common, of the common understandings.

I think this is where creativity really comes from.

Comment by comment we build upon fractal logic. To build complete coherence. I’m trying to understand how this ties in to code. To streamline systems. Help build their efficiency.

Building efficiency is guided by the accuracy of thought in logic. I think. Building a steep understanding of the working environment will help the overall progress of it’s sustainability.

This makes me wonder what I truly mean by when I think about it being called, sustained systems. Suspected outcomes. I guess. Computational Success.

Do you see why this is so valuable to society? To science and what that means to the ethos of man. To religion and how that is treated by the fearful of society.


Compiling, processing code. The very nature of it’s stability is in some sense, some fragile byte of code. Some kind of node of mechanically factual knowledge. Running the very nature of mechanics and physics. Understanding the very nature of reality, bit by bit, it builds upon what we build and vice versa. Where can this lead the future of man and machine?

A quite difficult question to answer. But not impossible to. As programmers, we often break code. As humans we often break things. Breaking code costs effort which is why people are paid so well for it. But we learn from it. Understanding the nature of computers to the layman may feel irrelevant. In some wonderful cases it might be. But the fact remains that our world can be so dependent on it. this leads me to find it surprising that some might not pursue the quest for knowledge. In some way or another. Which leads me to appreciate the diversity of human beings a lot more each and every day.

I still don’t fully understand Java, but sometimes I feel like I can. That feels like a big difference. It makes to me a big difference.

Recently I’ve been working with Three.js at my internship. I’ve been thinking of ways to use whatever I learn within android and how to apply that elegantly to fit it’s medium. I have also been looking into blender. Visual arts and what they offer has always been attractive to me. And in the spirit of understanding deeper, the nature of physics and how that ties into reality I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking into gorgeous physics visualizations.

I’ve wanted to get into the code and find some elegant way to visually represent that or some version of that. Practically, in Three.js for my job and for Blender/Android for some projects I’d like to work on. Computationalized. On the proper medium, represented the right way, code is a work of art. And a good way to send a slight but powerful message. I may be naive but I believe that being able to build that is tremendously beneficial to human kind.

As I’m thinking about building intricacies and working out difficulties I can’t help but notice that within my mind all of it is still processing.

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